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PreOS V 0.70 by PpHd
PreOS is a kernel which allows the execution of assembly kernel programs on your TI 89 or TI 92 Plus.
It actually extends the built-in assembly support which is very poor (It just does some relocation...).
This version of PreOS is compatible with DoorsOs, UniOs and TeOs.
It is a complete re-write of the sources of TeOs (Well, 99% of the source have changed...).
I intend to make it as stable as I can, but it is very hard without a MMU...
It is nearly complete, and I just want to be sure that it is stable enought. It would work on HW2 with HW2Path or HW2Tsr.
It will be distributed with a program that allows you to analyse your crash : Registers windows / Dump windows / Trace windows / Function windows with the real name of your function !

What's new in the last version ?

* Compatible with V200, AMS 2.07 and 2.08.
* Improve kernel protection a lot.
* Improve Hot-reset (It restores the TSR, it loses only 300 bytes).
* Many new RAM_CALLS to improve compatibility (Even with Ti-92).
* Flashz games work on Ti-92.
* Support of Pack Archive : you can compress your libraries in one file !
* Programs can be auto-extractible (If you compress 'node', and if you enter 'node()' in the command line, it will uncompress it without the need of a launcher).
* Add 'stdlib' a Pack Archive of the very common library.
* A new Browser : Preos Browser
* Changing your batteries on HW2 with installed HW2patch should not crash your calc anymore.
* Preos checks if there are several libraries with the same name on your calculator.
* If the program isn't designed to run on V200, it will emulate a 92+.
* A lot of bugs fixed.

Available for 89/92+/V200 : Click here for the latest version !
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