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Fernando 3C V 0.50 by PpHd
Fer3c is a basic plat-form game which is a mix between many games such as Mario, Sonic, Cool Spot, Charly, Earthrow, ...
The goal is as usal very basic : you just have to find the exit door, which never looks like a door ! (a flower, a '?' or different symbols).
You take the item-powers to increase your power, and when you are hurt, you lose some item-powers (depends of the difficulty) and a shield appeared during xx seconds (depend also of the difficulty).
You will die only if you have no item-powers, or you fall too hight.
Some levels are basics : go to the right and pass the finish line.
Others are a few more complicated :
to pass, you have to find 'x' keys.There is also some switch.
That's all !! Easy, very easy! are not alone.

The features are : fast scrolling (60 Hz, or 110 Hz !), small player with energy lost, cute and "friendly" enemies, many different levels with different graphics, grayscale graphics On / Off, PC and calc level editors (the levels are executables), World compilor with many options, you can create your own gfx, sprites, programs or levels !, external saves (Using fer3save), different difficulty setting (Easy / Medium / Hard), competition mode (link), Full-Screen can be turned on / off, many options, special effects and other sprites, many more features.

Available for 89/92+/V200 : Click here for the latest version !
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