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DDump V 0.40 by PpHd
DUMP - Make a dump of a Ti-89/Ti-92+/V200 system and output a summary into a file.
DDUMP - Convert a dump image done on a Ti-89/Ti-92+/V200 system to a text file.

Dump is a usefull program for Ti-89, Ti-92+ and V200 calculators.
When you execute it, it creates a summary of your system config inside the file 'dumpfile'.
So, when you have a problem with some programs (Crash for example), instead of reporting your system config, you can send the created file 'dumpfile' to the author.
The author will be able to translate and read a (quite) complete summary of your machine state to search where the problem is.

Available for 89/92+/V200 : Click here for the latest version !
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