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Sonic MisAdventure (S.M.A) V 0.41 by PpHd
S.M.A. is a clone of the sega game 'Sonic the hedgehog' for Ti calculators : Ti-89/92II/92+.

The technical features are : grayscale, parallax scrolling, high speed, external graphics-sprites-levels, huge levels, and a kit to create your own levels, graphics or sprites. This game try to exceed the limits of these calculators to create a real game experience.

It supports many options from the original game such as rings, T.V. box, chaos emeralds, complicated loopings, a 'Emerald Hills' level, an 'Aquatic ruins' level, ...
It doesn't support for the moment Super-Sonic, Tails, Knukles, competition mode, special 3d stage, and many other things.

Available for 89/92+/V200 : Click here for the latest version !
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