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Server dead => rebirth on a new one - 11/01/2004 @ 23:23:52
Maybe some of you have noticed that the site was down for a while now.
I know, it is like something usual with our server but not so long ;)
In fact, our old server was a university roomates computer and every year new people have to take care of it. Except that this year, no one did its job and everything was lost.
Ok, I know it is not only someonelse's fault, it is also mine !
Anyway, I don't want to bother you with these details but all you have to know is that all our releases were safe and I managed to get an older version of the site (DataBase + source)
Everything should work fine in the next few days.

Thanks a lot to yAro the owner of who is kindly hosting T3 from now on :)

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