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PedroM 0.81 - Release - 10/30/2005 @ 17:46:55
After two years of Release Candidate and an huge entry in the ChangeLog, PedroM 0.81 has been released! Congratulation! You can download this new version here. The main features of this new version are: a lot of bugs have been fixed; alias are supported; use of new PreOS core; support for V200 and Ti-89 Titanium; optimize some functions; improve romcalls (BitmapPut, Dialog, Popup); add special keys DIAMOND+Fkey; side and TIBInstall are under GPL; ALPHA key is handled just like AMS on 89; a new build process has been used, much more Unix like. And a new format for the archive section has been used: so when you upgrade, you lost all your files: save them on your computer before upgrading.

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