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Some news and Preos 1.0.5 - 09/18/2007 @ 22:04:32
At least some news and a released program. No it isn't Chrono Fantasy Beta 2. It isn't Christmas yet!
It is another update of PreOS. This new version fixes one bug with can occur in some complex programs (it doesn't happen in any released programs). You can download the fix here. Feel free to report bugs or posts comments in our message boards, here .

PedroM 0.82 is currently waiting for an update of tigcc (ld-tigcc support of data section in flash os target) to support much bigger programs (Currently ports of GMP, MPFR and a top secret T3 library have been made but aren't 100% functional).
I have also clean up the source code of SMA. If you are interested in a release of the code of SMA under GPL, post it in our message board!
For Chrono Fantasy beta 2, it will be released is as soon as it is finished (it isn't Duke Nukem Forever, so it should be released one day, no?)

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