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News from PedroM 0.82 - 03/29/2008 @ 13:06:08
PedroM 0.82 is currently under development and will be released when it is done ((c) & tm). There aren't many new things done for the project itself, but the end user may see a lot of change.
What have been done are: fix bugs, use of ld-tigcc to build PedroM, better modularity of PedroM so that it will be easier for other people to modify PedroM and optional integration of GMP , MPFR and MAYLIB.

Here are some screenshots of the current state:
img img img
The command 'zs' is just a quick command I have made to help me in the integration of the 3 mentionned libraries. I don't plan to keep it in the final release. The size of the ROM is 488735 bytes (with all 3 libraries included), and less than 128000 bytes without.
Here is a tiny comparaison between AMS and PedroM:
img img img

(The size of the result doesn't fit inside the screen and the CPU time is wrong - it always return 0).

[EDIT] : You can get an alpha 1 here (Please don't send it to a real calculator).
You can post any remarks or problems here

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