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PedroM VS AMS - 05/31/2008 @ 23:51:21
Here is another comparison between PedroM 0.82 alpha2 (currently under development) and AMS. The used version of AMS was the latest V3.10 on V200.
The goal is to compute the series of tan(tanh(x))-tanh(tan(x)) to a high enough order so that a non null difference appears (Order 7).
First of all, let's see what AMS does after a fresh reboot (ie. all the RAM is free). It gives us this answer after more than twelve hours of computing:
I was tired of waiting, so I break the computation. Note that it should return a 'MEMORY' error if you wait long enough.

Then, let's do it with PedroM with its new series function. It gives us the right answer after less than 1 second:
Of course you could say that it is unfair since PedroM doesn't use the taylor expansion like AMS but its native series function. So let's use the taylor expansion on PedroM too:
PedroM gives us the answer in less than 4 seconds.

Let's say that PedroM does a good job on it :)
Note that the current implementation of series is far from optimal too.

[Of course, it is a well chosen example.]

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