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PreOS 1.0.7 - 07/08/2009 @ 21:12:02
Here is a new update for PreOS. This update is just a patch level release since it only fixes two bug you can get in the latest farm of 'experimental programs' of Martial Demolins (which really likes to put PreOS to its limits): one of this bug prevent PreOS to extract a program from some Pack Archive (if it has some static members) ; the other ones prevent PreOS to properly report one source of error to the user (it won't do anything before; not it reports a problem).
Anyway, to get the programs, click here.
To get the sources, click here.

Feel free to report bugs or posts comments in our message boards, here or send me an email.

A RC3 of PedroM 0.82 has been released too. A RC4 with this fix should be coming soon. Please help me testing PedroM 0.82 RC on real calculators. Thanks a lot.
[EDIT] : RC4 is available!
[EDIT2]: I have just released that I said that PedroM 0.82 should be released in September 2008... Let's hope I release it in September ... 2009!
[EDIT3]: RC5 is available!

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