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PedroM 0.82 - 10/04/2009 @ 11:59:34
PedroM 0.82 has finally been released.
PedroM is a new and completely free (released under the GPL) Operating System for the TI-89, TI-92+, V200 and TI-89 Titanium calculators of Texas Instruments. It replaces entirely the original Operating System provided by Texas Instruments (called AMS for Advanced Mathematics Software). PedroM is not affiliated to Texas Instrument in any way: it was developed from scratch.
It features:
* a Unix terminal like environment;
* a high compatibility level with ASM/C programs designed for AMS;
* higher performance and smaller foot print than AMS;
* an optional CAS engine.

The main new features from PedroM 0.81 are:
+ bugs fixed : more application can be run,
+ new system variables : font
+ new interfaces for PedroM designated programs;
+ link stability has been improved.
+ The OS images are now signed,
+ a new build system based on Unix Makefile and on ld-tigcc which provides a huge level of flexibility (allowing more developers to join and integration of Unix like libraries),
+ (optional) integration of the GMP(, MPFR ( and MAYLIB (a custom made library) which helps PedroM to provide a symbolic engine.

To run the symbolic engine, you have to build PedroM with it (The delivered OS images have it). Then you enter the symbolic engine by typing the command 'zs'. You'll enter a new shell of command with the following properties. Note that this shell is not the final interface: it is used for beta testing the symbolic engine.
You can type any mathematical expression, then press ENTER to evaluate it (For example, 2*x-x is simplified into x). The evaluation should be always exact except for a set of measure zero.
You can enter arbitrarily long integer, fraction or floats (For example, 500!-3/2). The precision of the floats can be changed anytime by using the prec function. Note that the floats used in this mode are based on MPFR and are much, much reliable than the floats used outside the symbolic engine.

You can save some values inside 26 variables : 'a' to 'z' (For example, 2+x STO a -- Note that STO is the STORE character used to store on AMS in the variables) and use them latter (For example, expand (a^2)). To delete a variable, store nothing in it (Example: STO a)
See the manual to read the available commands.

The advantage/disadvantages of PedroM CAS engine versus AMS one:
* AMS engine is based on DERIVE and is much more complete and tested;
* PedroM engine is faster and can handle bigger problem than AMS (See other news);
* PedroM engine lacks of Matrix, limits, indefinite sums, a solver and a complete language; integration and factorization are quite limited;
* PedroM engine allows use of arbitrary precision float and accurate approximation of mathematical expression.

What is planned for the next release:
* Add a graph application;
* Add a ASM/C compiler application;
* Improve CAS engine;
* Add a CAS language;
* Improve compatibility and fix bugs.
If you want to help us developing theses features, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please report any bugs/regressions of PedroM or successful tests to patrick [dot] pelissier [at] gmail [dot] com, or in this message boards.

You can download it here
Many screenshots are available in the previous news.

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