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GENLIB 1.1.3 - 09/19/2010 @ 20:58:59
Hi folks,
It was a long time since the last release (or news). But recently I wanted to play cf (yes, yes, the beta which was released, since the rework takes too, much time). I read the code I wrote. It was really ugly.
So I play it again on AMS 2.09 for 92+ (Yes I didn't try on PedroM, since it was packed for AMS - I should release this beta in a format compatible with PedroM - for those who don't remember, cf uses TI-BASIC and a really special way to install itself on the calculator - maybe because it was way too big!).
I use the latest version of PreOs with the latest libraries.
I play and ... I found many compatibility problems... I really should fix them so that TI newcomers can play it. Once of them is that it stalls in one of CF demos. You can bypass it on an emulator, but on real calculator you have to reset it...
Once of them was a regression in genlib!
The update of max16 didn't take into account the vertical and horizontal flipping at all!
All the maps were buggy!
So I did fix this bug and here is the new release of genlib with the bug fix.
By the way, tiemu really sucks with genlib!

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